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Let me warmly welcome you to the web site of the Distance Education Centre, National Institute of Health Sciences, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

National Institute of Health Sciences is the premier training Institute of the Ministry of Health for the training & development of health manpower for Primary Health Care (PHC) program.

The origin of the Institute dates back to 1st July 1926, when the first Health Unit in the whole of South East Asia was established in Kalutara.

Mission of our Institute is to assist in accelerating, formulating and supporting the Government policy in establishing and extending an integrated Public Health Care delivery system to serve the entire population and to mobilize community participation in this effort.

Today we are launching two programmes in Distance Education Mode (via internet) namely External Pharmacists’ Training Program and Exercise Therapy and Mental Training Program. These programmes are developed by experts in the respective fields. You can follow these programmes leisurely at home or at the nearest Access centre of the National Online Distance Education Service (NODES) via internet. You have to visit to the NIHS only for the practical and seminars.

I would like to thank Asian Development Bank and the Distance Education Modernization Project of the Higher Education Ministry for the funding and technical support given. I am also greatly thankful to the Secretary, Director General of Health Services and Deputy Director General of Health Services (ET& R) of Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition for the continuous help and guidance given for the successful launching of these programs.


Dr L.T. Gamlath
Director (NIHS)

Course Categories

External Pharmacist Training

Exercise Therapy and Mental Training

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